How To Order from Our Website

Oregon Customers:

Oregon customers with a valid state issued photo ID and of qualifying age may purchase a Pistol, Rifle, AR-15 or Shotgun gun online for in-store pickup at our Portland or Tigard store or have it shipped to another Federal Firearms Licensed dealer. There will be additional costs such as our $15 shipping fee and whatever transfer fees are collected by the Oregon FFL Dealer is you wish to have it shipped. 

Washington and (Non-Oregonian) Customers:

Washington customers with valid state issued photo ID and of qualifying age may purchase a rifle or shotgun for in-store pickup. As of 2019 all AR-15s must be shipped to a FFL in Washington. Starting July 1st, 2022 Washington residents will no longer be able to order high capacity magazines (10+). Due to shipping and background lead times we may cut off the ability to purchase these items prior to July 1st, 2022. 

Non-Oregon customers with valid state issued photo ID and of qualifying age may purchase a rifle, AR-15 or shotgun online for in-store pickup.

All pistol purchases must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer in your state of residence in accordance to Federal Law. There will be additional costs such our $15 shipping fee, your state's sales tax and transfer fees collected by the FFL Dealer in your state. Note, some states excludes high capacity magazines and rifles, we only ship state compliant models. 


Please note, we only facilitate transfers for customers who have previously completed a background check with us.

FFL Gun Dealer Transfers:

We charge $50.00 for dealer-to-dealer gun transfers and $10.00 for the background check fee. If you are receiving multiple guns from the same dealer in one shipment, we charge $50.00 for the first gun and $10.00 for each additional gun. 

If you are having a firearm shipped to our Portland store, please contact us so we may send you our transfer form that we ask is filled out and returned before the arrival of your firearm(s).

Please note, we do not accept transfers from individuals. All firearms must be sent by a FFL holder.

Person to Person Transfers:

We no longer facilitate person to person transfers. 

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